Mediterranean Market is the new fashion editorial by TheFashionAtlas realized by young fashion photographer Carmine Romano, Chiara Senatore as stylist and Debora Staiano as make up artist.

Being young and interact with the colors and objects of a chaotic mediterranean street market. From the college uniforms that create a contrast with the surrounded elements to voluminous shapes that reminds to a tropical colourful moods which create an interesting mix with the market.

Photography/Carmine Roman
Styling/ Chiara Senatore
MUA&Hair Style/ Debora Staiano
Stylist Assistant/ Lidia La Rocca
Video Maker / Vincent Fusco
Models /Francesca Colucci / Mattia Blandino @CModelsManagement
1. to 4. Francesca. shirt: Vivetta / sweater: Laneus / skirt: Twisty Parallel Universe / Sunglasses: Vintage @Sciglio Vintage / earrings: Vintage @Sciglio Vintage / Bag: Vintage @Sciglio Vintage /// Mattia. shirt: President’s / sweater: No Artigiani Italiani / jeans: Pence 1979 / sunglasses: Samco Vintage / bucket bag: vintage 
5. to 6. Francesca. sweater: Be You / skirt: Vivetta / menswear jacket: Leitmotiv / necklace: Cheap Industry / knee socks: Calzedonia /// Mattia. shirt: Barena / Jeans: Department 5 / coat: Sempach 
7. to 9. Francesca. top and skirt: Leitmotiv / Oversize coat: Max.Tan // Shoes: Kurt Geiger // earring: Angela Caputi Firenze /// Mattia. Total look: Leitmotiv  
10. to 12. Francesca. Total look: Leitmotiv / Earrings: vintage /// Mattia. Total look: Leitmotiv
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