The ludo-couture is the charm of living the lightness and vivacity of a modern tale. Leitmotiv carves wide skirts, follows smooth lines, sprays vibrant colors to sponsor the intervention of imagination over reality. Ludo, from the Latin ludere, to play, so have fun: flowers and rabbits printed on dresses and tops, orange, pink, blue, purple are mixed juxtaposing, the tulle skirts mastered on the catwalk, the leather jackets collide with the fairytale allure seeking the line of continuity between reality and imagination.

The huge flakes to the necks of the shirts, the jewel of snails used as pins and as earrings, red gloves embraced by colorful flowers blend perfectly to make up that sees golden hues on the eyes but nature on his lips. Phaedrus and Aesop would love Leitmotiv ludo- couture.

Here you find our exclusive reportage with backstage shots.

Photography/Giulietta Raimondi