The sophisticated elegance of Fiona Ma and the positive energy of Emi Cho meet in the exclusive brand KUNMANMA, in which the research of simplicity of the East is balanced by the contemporary taste of the West.

KUNMANMA is the result of the creativity of two different personalities which create collection where harmony and chaos coexist.

TFA met the designers in Paris, where they showed the AW16-17 collection we believe you would love.

1: What about the brand. Tell us the inspirations, the concept?

KUNMANMA is a new womenswear label that is based on youth and playfulness. The collections create a unique sense of freshness and fun, yet feminine.
On the one side, there’s Fiona Ma, who after graduated from Architecture at the University of Sydney, she decided to delve into the realm of fashion. She considers fashion as the architecture for the human body. After she completed the internship at Diane Von Furstenberg in New York, Fiona decided to return back to Shanghai and continue with her career in fashion. On the other side, there’s me, Emi Cho. I live and work in Paris, where I met Fiona, who chose me as fellow Assistant Designer and Collaborator.
Together, we developed a style that resonates with the modern female: fun yet sophisticated, playful yet elegant, boyish yet feminine. All that encompasses the core of KUNMANMA.

2. What about the collection?

For AW2016, we have kept the architectural elements evident in our brand but added a soft femininity to create a balanced harmony; a constant focus in our design. We have also added an influence of Victorian age, an era of massive shapes and excessiveness with our signature tailoring. Puffed sleeves, high-pleated collars, A-line silhouettes and subtle hand-embroideries with a splash of bright floral print silks make up this season’s collection.

3. Where you find your inspiration and who are designers who inspire you?

We find our inspiration in the world around us. We love to travel and see the world, but most importantly its people and culture set against the earth’s natural beauty.
F: I am inspired by my top favourite architects: Peter Zumthor, Renzo Piano, Kazuyo Sejima, Nyue Nishizawa (SAANA).
E: I am inspired by past human history and the future of what may become.

4. Imagine an actress, artist or politician who you would love to dress with a piece of your collection.

We love Birdy the musician. We believe she would look fantastic in our dresses. She carries a lovely romantic air that is so rare in the music industry these days. To us she is talented, young and beautiful with a touch of innocence that we try to bring through in our designs.


5. What does it mean to be a young talent?

To be a young talent means to bring new and fresh ideas to any industry. A new generation brings along passion and hope that renews and questions the way we think and the way we choose to live.

6. In your opinion which is the future of fashion world?

We believe the future of the fashion world is in the hand of the new and fresh talents. The old fashion houses will know how to compete with a changing fashion world, where people do not care to wear labels anymore but wear clothing based solely on style, creativity and originality.
Photographer//Jean Lim
Hair & Make-up// Silviana Khurniawan