Mood Swing  is the first collection by emerging Korean jewelry designer Jiwon Choi.
Handcrafted methods and experimentations; pop influences from the 5 continents.

After a collaboration with Hermès and Vacheron Constantin, Jiwon Choi decided to show her first collection at London Fashion Week 2017 last February.

Tell us something about your brand.
JIWON CHOI is a jewelry and fashion accessories brand searching for alternative ways to create luxury.
JIWON CHOI is interested in creating value with unconventional materials that are unlike the typical jewelry materials such as precious metal and gemstone.

Your working method.
Travelling is the main source of my inspiration. While I was in the US as a furniture design student, I was exposed to a wide variety of materials, whereas my recent 2 years being spent in Switzerland with luxury goods, I highly value craftsmanship achieved by skilled hands. The marriage of innovative contemporary materials with whimsical attitude and pushing the traditional craftsmanship to create young and futuristic jewels is my working method. Our first collection, “Mood Swing,” utilizes high-quality poly vinyl chloride and hand embroidery.


Describe your brand in a word.

The impact of pop culture on your jewelry.
Imagining my jewellery designs being featured in my favourite music videos is part of my design process. Also, not omitting the fact that making light-weight jewellery for you to dance easily with. My current obsessions are artists like Charli XCX, Katy Perry, and MØ, but classics like BJÖRK and David Bowie have been my inspirations since the  younger times. It is exciting to see pop music videos being the perfect container for including every aspect of fashion design and show how flamboyant humans can dressed as!

Designers who inspire you.
Christopher Kane for his use of materials, Jeremy Scott for his use of humour, and Eckhaus Latta for their craziness and confidence.

Tell us something about Mood Swing, your first collection launched at London Fashion Week.
Mood Swing is my very first jewelry collection launched in Fashion Scout at the London Fashion Week where I collaborated with a childhood friend and fashion designer, Alex S. Yu. For this collection, I wanted to create wearable graphic representation of emotions which is commonly used in our generation’s language. They are serious emotions articulated with playful approach.

Your favorite piece from Mood Swing.
Bipolar Grande -To be extra vocal when you are going through painful PMS.

Describe Mood Swing with a song.
“I don’t wanna go to school, I just wanna break the rules!”- Break the Rules by Charli XCX


Close your eyes. Imagine an object or shape that could describe your Country.
Color vision test book.