We interviewed Tania Grace Knuckey, a Geneva artist and illustrator who tells stories made of silk producing scarves with playful aesthetics. A very interesting interview, which makes us understand the importance of choosing fabrics, patterns and colors.

Her creations are considered “wearable art“.

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What inspires you?

I am inspired by aesthetics that challenge conventional notions of form, playful and unexpected elements and associations.  Handmade graphics, bold prints, colourful marriages and happy accidents!  Concerts, vintage fabrics, films and visual artists are all part of my repertoire as well. My inspiration is abundant and eclectic as I continuously seek to explore new and unknown territories in my work.


Why the scarf?

Frustrated and unable to find work in my field after graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2012, I decided to design a one-off collection of wearables for my family and friends. It was a new and exciting challenge creating a design from start to finish, playing with how fabric folds, falls, tumbles and intermingles when worn, whilst still making sense as a 2D piece. It is also a great exercise in colour combinations. Four years and six collection later here I am still going with this project!


Favorite colors?

I definitely have colours I gravitate towards when designing my collections such as bloody orange red, electric blue, ocean turquoise, sunshine yellow with a hint of warm grey, scotch blue… Although strangely my favourite colour tends to be a variation of bright forest green which I rarely use. For every new collection I attempt to work with unfamiliar and challenging colours, continuously finding pleasant and exciting colour alliances!


Tell us about your collaboration with Lombrello…

A friend put me in touch with Andrea Forapani from Lombrello who was looking for graphic designers for his Lombrella chair.  I proposed three prints and we hit it off over FaceTime, since we have collaborated on a window display for Silvian Heach and the Lombrello scenography display for Milan design week, with other upcoming projects in motion as well. Our skills are at total odds which I believe is why it works; we make up for each other’s weaknesses whilst still sharing the same hunger and enthusiasm for challenging projects.


An object or a form that makes you think of your country?

Bells! I grew up in the Swiss countryside and love the soothing sound of cow bells! Otherwise it would obviously have to be the Helvetica type face, cliché but true!

Photo credit: Annik Wetter