Among young talents to watch from New Zealand there’s fashion designer Maggie Hewiit. Maggie graduated at Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design in 2015 and one year later immediately she launched her own brand Maggie Marilyn. Beyond her years, her style is unique and she has clearly defined ideas.

Ambitious and passionate, her collections create a perfect balance between luxury and ethical fashion. The woman  she dreams is a dreamer, strong but emotional.

Tell us something about you and your brand, its concept.

Having this sense of freeness and playfulness in my clothing is very important. As much as I want to build a brand that is luxurious, it is all about liveable luxury being able to really live and wear pieces from the Maggie Marilyn collections everyday. That luxury means beautiful fabrics and beautiful garment execution but that it still is something people can afford, that it can be attainable. Also luxury to me means having a brand that is transparent that it is about making the right choices we all live in this world and have the power to impact this it in a positive way.


 What inspires you? 

At the heart of every collection I am always thinking about who is the MM girl? Where is she going to wear the clothes? Who is she? Going back to the core ethos of the brand, being a dreamer, being quietly confident, a feminist but openly vulnerable. Something I really want to give to our customer through our clothing is this sense of freeness and youthful optimism that anything is possible. As maybe naïve as it sounds I really want to make a difference in the world and I want our customer to believe she can as well.


Colors you love. 

I usually love a dusky muted colour pallet but for our season 4 collection with we are showing in NYC and Paris late June, I have introduced a lot of colour, which I am really excited about. Stay tuned!!


Tell us 3 characteristics about fashion from New Zealand. 

Easy, optimistic, effortless.


I’ve read you pay attention in choosing fabrics, they should be ethically produced. What’s your opinion about fashion system and how it should change to respect the world? 

As a young designer I want to make a positive and powerful contribution to the future of fashion. Society’s fixation with the new is creating record levels of consumption. However, a fibre still takes the same amount of time to grow regardless of a products speed to market. For example, cotton takes eight months to cultivate. Unlimited growth cannot be attained on a planet with limited resources. So the increasing speed of production and consumption comes at a huge cost.
So when I am designing I am really conscious of this, asking myself “will this garment still be loved and cherished in someone’s wardrobe in 5,10,15 years time?”

By no means as a brand are we perfect, every season it is my aim to do better than the last, to dive deeper into our supply chain to ensure it is ethically transparent, to find and research new ways of being innovate from zero waste pattern cutting, slashing fabric manipulations that use excess waste fabric, Polyester that is made from recycled plastic bottles to natural dyes such as a pink rib dyed entirely from beetroots. All whilst creating garments that women truly want to wear and that they will feel strong and empowered in.


If you could create a dress for a famous person who would he / she be and what kind of dress would it be. 

Julia Roberts, A boyfriend shirt dress paired with an awesome blazer.


Fashion designers who inspires you and one fashion designer you would collaborate with? 

I have read a lot about Tory Burch’s story lately, she is such an incredible business woman and is a huge inspiration to me. I love Jennifer Fisher jewellery so doing collaboration with her would be a dream.


What kind of music did you listen while working at your latest collection? 

John mayer, Haim, Kanye West.


Close your eyes. Imagine a shape or object that describes your Country.

Long white clouds.