We had a chat with the Ghanaian designer Chloe Asaam.
By what she said you can see what are the cornerstones of her vision of fashion.
The female figure as a source of inspiration, the environment as a message hidden among the threads and fabrics of her garments.

Chloe Asaam creates sustainable and entirely handmade garments: just a few pieces for two collections a year. Made to last and be mixed together.

Inspired by the women around her, the mother and elderly women of her community are the source from whom she draws to create clean cut garments designed for strong and contemporary women.

Tell me something about you and how your brand was born

In 2019, I started this brand to offer an alternative to fast-fashion secondhand clothing in Accra. An alternative that would encourage buying less and investing in clothing items that last. With environmental implications in mind, I decided to adopt a slow design process and collection release calendar— contrary to the fast-paced and over-production practice common in mainstream fashion. And so I produce two collections a year, consisting only of quality, handmade pieces that can build a sustainable wardrobe.


Tell me something about your latest collection

My recent collection launched a month ago. An it is inspired by ideas and sentiments we gravitate towards in the time we are in now. Taking on cozy moods, earth tones and loose silhouettes to create an 8-piece capsule collection that can be styled 20+ ways.


Your point of view on fashion in Ghana

Fashion in Ghana in my opinion is creatively diverse, with a focus on made-to-measure clothing.


What inspires you

I draw from many places but it usually it’ s the women around me – in family and in community.


Typical fabrics of your country

Ghana is famous for handwoven fabrics, the most popular one being the “Asante Kente“, a mostly vibrant traditional cloth that carries cultural messaging.


Who inspires you

Probably my mom.

Tell me something about Accra.

Accra is generally bustling. There is lots of activity, especially in centre of town, where all the markets are.


Colors you love

I love dark greens and ochres.


Close your eyes. The first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about Ghana

I think of how colourful people from Ghana are and the culture we have.