Casual overlaps. Clothes that envelop the body, which seems to be forced to find new way to move inside them. It’s a game of interaction with clothes.

Tied is the new fashion editorial of The Fashion Atlas, focused on a new volumes and alternation of colors.

Tied is an editorial made by fashion photographer Giuseppe Circhetta and stylist Ioletta Polisini.

Photography/ Giuseppe Circhetta
MUA&Hair/Erika Ginevra Meyer
Model/Bianca Hepburn@thefashionmodelmanagement
photo assistant/ alexia mariani
1.&2. Trousers: Ivories / striped sweater: Petit Bateau / sweater: 120% Lino / Bomber: Angelos Frentzos
3. Blue Jacket: Petit Bateau / Denim Jacket: Twisty Parallel Universe / Trousers: Nicholas K. / Sweater: 120% Lino
4. Jacket: Nicholas K / Shirt: Drome / Trousers: 120%Lino / Shoes: Marios / socks: Calzedonia
5. Trousers: Andrea / striped sweater: Ivories / orange sweater: Andrea / jacket: Alberto Zambelli / Shoes: Marios / socks: Calzedonia