Slide Connection is a project made by fashion photographer Carmine Roman and by fashion stylist Simona Mottola.

Technology settles quietly in the human beings.
It wove at the universe with a tight connection.

Photography/Carmine Roman
Ass ph/ Fabrizio Buonomo 
Styling/Simona Mottola
Ass Stylist/Nicola Cioffi
MUA/Laura Portomeo
Model/Raffaele Capuano @Elite
1. 2. Jacket: Martina Scattarella
3.Shirt: Neil Barrett
4. T-shirt: McQueen // Hood: Martina Scattarella 
5. Jacket: Martina Scattarella // Sweatshirt: Yohji Yamamoto // Trousers: McQueen // Shoes: Versace