Ji Won Choi is an emerging designer, graduated at Parsons of New York and winner of two awards: ‘Parsons x Kering Empowering Imagination‘ e ‘Parsons x Yoox Yooxygen Award‘.

Her collection, Excessivism, reports the excesses and wastes of our society. An endless repetition of black, white, light blue and red alternated stripes are the distinctive signs of the collection.

Ji Won Choi believes that fashion should be sustainable and now she is collaborating with Yooxygen by Yoox to create a collection that will respect the environment.

Let’s read our interview with Ji Won Choi.

Tell us something about your brand.
My brand is not just about “cool” clothes. It aims to highlight and address different social issues around the world and solve them. With cool clothes.


Your working method.
I like to spend a significant time on research before I begin designing. Whatever the collection is about, I start by researching everything there is to know about it. Then it’s about creating new and interesting silhouettes in both 2D and 3D, not thinking about whether it is “wearable” and marketable. I first design without holding back, and once I got that all out of my system, I start to tone it down and make it actual functional garments.

You have been inspired by Excessivism, a modern art movement about excess of consumer society. How it inspired you?
 The movement Excessivism that seeks to use one item excessively to reflect and investigate different aspects of life really intrigued me. I chose a single stripe to repeat and exaggerate to symbolize a single garment in our closets so that each garment becomes this symbol of our overflowing wardrobes. I sought to reflect on our excessive need to own clothing beyond our needs.


Your thesis collection was about sustainable fashion, too: what is your idea of sustainable fashion?  
My point of view is that sustainable fashion and fashion should not be different entities, but all fashion should just be as sustainable as we can make it. As designers, we are putting new things out into the world, and I believe we are responsible for whatever effect they have to the environment and in society. Currently, I am creating a sustainable collection for Yoox’s Yooxygen.


Designers who inspire you?
Craig Green, Simon Porte Jacquemus, Stella McCartney.


Your favorite artists?
I am a fan of Ai Weiwei and Chiharu Shiota.


Your favorite colors?
I love all bright and bold colors.


Your ideal of beauty?
Anyone who is strong and are themselves without worrying about others’ perceptions are truly beautiful to me.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I will be 34 in 10 years, hopefully at the height of a strong career.
I’d like to still be living in NYC, but with an apartment in Paris.
Probably single, ha.
I see myself having 7 puppies at age 34.


Describe yourself with a song.
Non, je ne regrette rien -Édith Piaf.


Close your eyes. An object or shape that could describe your Country.
USA: Shape of the state of Oklahoma.
Korea: mirror.