Growing, refreshing, changing.. it may seem like a commercial, but the reference in this case is to fashion actually. Thinking of that… what’s more mutable than it?! Fashion, with the passing of time and thanks to ever new stimuli, gets deeper, refreshed and then changes. Maybe only human mind is capable of such deep changes, but isn’t fashion the expression of our mind, of our being?! It is the expression of what we feel inside and of what we want to tell the world, isn’t it?!

Wind of change” is the story of a rebel soul trying to change his past by cleaning up from society’s ills; in the shoes of a young and modern David Bowie – whose style is subtly mentioned as well – and with the same revolutionary spirit he will rise up against all weaknesses to make his renewed soul strong and clear.

Photography/Carmine Roman
Styling/Simona Mottola
Model/Andrea Pastori @Boom Model