In the brown shadows of a dormant nature, far from the urban crowd is where you can meet with yourself and clear your thoughts under a net of branches. This is the scenery of Dreaming Lights, the last editorial made by the fashion photographer Carlos Onrubia and stylist Juan Camilo Rodriguez shooted exclusively for The Fashion Atlas.

These clean fashion photos become frames of an inner journey backwards oneself’s memories.
In fact, Dreaming Lights speaks about the meaningful but ephemeral moments of happiness in life we relate to with a nostalgic feeling and some kind of sadness.

1. Jumper:  Etudes Studio // Belt: American Apparel // Shorts: Raf Simons // Scarf & Hat: Stylist´s Own
2. Shirt: Lemaire // Silk Scarf and Hat: Stylist’s Own // Shorts: Habey Club
3. Jacket: Manuel Bolaño // Striped Jumper:  Prada // Trousers: Habey Club
4. Hockey Hat: Jil Sander // Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweater: Manuel Bolaño // Sweatpants: Sunspel
5. Same as #2
6.Same as #4
7. Scarf: Victor Von Schwarz // Silk sateen top: Vintage Gucci // Necklace: Padre he Pecado // Cord Trousers: Manuel Bolaño
8. Same as #1
9. Same as #3
10. Orange Leather Jacket: Etudes Studio // Glitter Light Blue Jersey: Habey Club // Hat & Choker are stylist’s own
11. Same as #7
12. Same as #3