A project made by three fashion photographers – Alecio Ferrari, Riccardo Guidazzi, Luca Moro – and one stylist, Caterina Castello, focusing on deconstructed minimalism, which finds its dimension through over volumes, abstract prints, shades that remind to spices, tactile textiles.

A fashion editorial about a new aesthetics, the “unfinished” that is perfectly completed.

Photography/Alecio Ferrari//Riccardo Guidazzi//Luca Moro
Styling/Caterina Castello
MUA/Alessandra Farina
Model/Anita Yoonha Joo


1.-3. Sweater: House of Sunny //Pants: Zara//Shoes: Ouigal
4. Top: Claudia Danna//Pants: Native Youth//Shoes: Vaerso
5.-6. Top: Giuseppe Buccina // Pants: Miss Serfridge // Shoes: Ouigal
7. Coat: Claudia Danna// Shoes: Maliparmi