Summer in the city. Street style with minimal details.

’80s influences for the volumes of the sporty & casual looks.


Colors explosion: from pastels tones to tropical and bright ones.
Patterns mix: combination becomes a creative game.

These elements characterize the editorial Colorful Summer by fashion photographer Carmine Roman with the styling of Chiara Senatore.

Happy Summer.

Photography/Carmine Roman
Model/Carmine Matacena @CModelsManagement
Special Thanks/ Inside Store / Sciglio Vintage
1.Vintage t-shirt: Fila @Sciglio // Vintage shorts: Adidas @Sciglio // Vintage Sunglasses: Swatch @Sciglio // Sneakers: Nike @Inside // Vintage watch: Swatch @Sciglio
2.-3. Jacket: Stussy @Inside // Shirt: Tailored @Inside // Jeans: Derriere @Inside // Sneakers: Nike @Inside // Hat: Stussy // Sunglasses: Catuma
4. T-shirt: Stussy @Inside // Denim: Derriere @Inside // Vintage Jacket: Pierre Cardin @Sciglio // Sunglasses: Swatch @Sciglio // Shoes: Nike @Inside
5.-6. Undershirt: Stussy @Inside // Denim Bermuda: Derriere @Inside // Vintage Shirt: @Sciglio // Sneakers: Volta @Inside // Glasses: Catuma
7.  Shirt: Revolution @Inside // Denim Shorts: Derriere @Inside
8. Undershirt: Stussy @Inside // Denim: Derriere @Inside // Hat: Stussy @Inside // Sunglasses: Swatch @Sciglio // Sneakers: Converse