Just as Chet Baker‘s song “Born to be blue” says that he was born to be sad and that his world fades, Nicolas Cañon Luna work as a photographer was born to be black and white.

In a world so saturated with colors, false fame and copy, this fashion editorial is a demonstration of lifestyle, away from anything conventional. Nicolas shows that if he was born to be rejected for doing what he does, he will continue with his love towards the nostalgia of the black and white photography being free and not belonging to what everyone does.

1.Top: Suki Cohen // Pant: Lombarda // Shoes: Carlota
2.Dress: Carlo Carrizosa // Shoes: Carlota
3.Top: Verde Limon // Shoes: Carlota
4.Dress: Carlo Carrizosa
5.Top Body: Lombarda // Pant: Top Shop
6.Shirt: Nina Richi // Pant: Zara // Earings: Hasta El Cogote
7.Top: Top Ball // Pant: Top Shop // Shoes: Carlota
8.Coat: Alexandra Bueno // Pant: Top Shop // Shoes: Carlota