Norwegian born. A BA Womenswear graduate at the London College of Fashion who has been featured in The New York Times as one of ten “Fresh out of Fashion School designers to watch”, currently working with Saga Fur in Copenhagen, was recently featured in British Vogue as well as GLAMOUR Magazine: Edda Gimnes is one of the most interesting emerging designer of European fashion.

Edda Gimnes matches the fabrics in a lot of mixtures, but her specialty is printing textiles: she draws sketches on paper before, then she prints them directly on the fabric (usually is white cotton).  It’s a celebration of ‘naive’ illustration, because she draws with her non-dominant hand to remember the moment when a child learns to draw.

Her drawings have later been digitally printed onto canvas in black and white, which later became the garments of the collection. The technique creates the idea of a trompe l’œil effect, giving life to the drawings like walking illustrations.

The new SS17 collection follows these lines.
In a minimal set, the models wear a futuristic make-up that well matches with clothes and accessories that look like Oz World’s or Roald Dahl’s characters (Edda said to Huffington Post Uk that she got inspired by Roald Dahl’s books), with a touch of freshness.

Glossy fabrics, huge hats and skirts, Seventies pants, little coloured hand-bags, neon colours furs and shoes that look painted are the cult elements of the collection.

A very funny  and pop collection, like the concept behind all Edda’s work: “I think it’s important to have fun with fashion, and this is a part that we can’t ignore” the designer said.

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