Two months have passed since the Australian Fashion Week 2018 conclusion and now we have the chance to interview one of the Australian fashion designers who had attracted our attention the most.

Meredith Bullen,, 23, from Sydney, attracted us because of her ability to carry Australian colours, landscape and settlers tradition on the catwalk.

Graduated at University of Technology of Sydney  in Textile design and Fashion Design she has always been interested in art and fashion since dance.

Here is what she told us about herself and about her future plans.

Tell us something about you and your job.
My work is characterized by tailor-made dresses, made up of hand-worked tailor-made pieces. What I’m trying to do is to focus attention on craftsmanship, detailing, to make my design distinctive in the effort to celebrate the uniqueness. The juxtapposition of unique fabrics and different textile, oversized shapes and unlimited creativity create a new Australian elegance.

Say something about your collection.
ADAPT explores the relationship between body, clothing and landscape. It is inspired by the early colonists and the way they adapted their dress code to the harsh Australian landscape. The collection consists of woolen, hand-woven garments, recalling the shrubs of the Australian landscape, and utilitarian clothes in denim.

The idea of ​​adaptability translates into utilitarian oversized shapes, inspired by work clothes, superstructured and stratified. Each garment, through the insertion of details such as eyelets, rings, buckles, belts, and cord closures, can be worn in different ways and have different fit. This concept of adaptability has been tested on both male and female models.

What inspires you?
From photography and research both textiles and techniques, such as the construction of interlacing and the sampling and experimentation process that have strongly influenced my work. From art and natural landscapes: as external factors, they definitely have an impact on fashion and dress codes, as well as the movement of the fabric and the interactions between different textures.


Three adjectives that describe your design?
Structured, oversized and unique.


Three adjectives that describe fashion in your country?
Fun, casual and evolving.


What kind of music were you listening during your final project?
All that motivated me. I usually look into Flight Facilities Mix, whose tracks last about an hour – is a good way to count time.


Artists, fashion designers you love and inspire your work? 

Proenza Schouler, Marni, Joseph, Paloma Wool, Faustine Steinmetz


A color you love?
Blue Navy.


A famous person you would like to wear and what kind of garment can you wear?
Lorde. I imagine her wearing a jeans suit with a coat or denim blazer.


What were you doing before answering these questions?
I had a coffee


Close your eyes and imagine a shape or object that describes your country.
A circle.


After graduation Meredith has continued to work in Sydney but in august she’s moving to  New York to complete a MFA in Fashion Design and Society at the Parsons School of Design. This underlines her will to experiment and to research.


As we read her answers, we spontaneously asked her what we should expect from her as a designer in the future. 

By continuing my studies I hope to challenge myself and push me further to expand and redefine my artistic identity. I hope to get the most out of this international experience at Parsons School so I could return to Australia to set up my own brand that will feature unique and evergreen clothing with a touch of denim.

Looking forward to hearing about her again, we wish her good luck and we hope she will realize her ambitious dreams.